We designed this site in serious hopes that you can spend a little time with us. Wherever you are located on this planet, we will eventually be able to translate into your language, a usage of technology that I am totally thrilled about. We will of course, continually add more languages and dialects as they become available to us. As a note of caution, it turns out that the state of language software translation is not as advanced as one might think. The process is still ‘mechanical in nature’ and as such, up to date nuances may not be included; leaving room for possible significant misinterpretations. That said, we are seeking paid readers who share our mission to LOVE ONE ANOTHER who will work with us to strengthen interpretations from English to your native languages.

Yes, I dare dream to be able to communicate effectively with every soul on earth.

We don’t care if you’re on the far left, the far right, or somewhere in between,



THIS site is for you.


A blog of controversial topics and a blog on Adult Education are also included to entice the mind.

As a bonus for visiting , our fully loaded advanced music room is a real cool place for you to just chill.

Spend some time with us and we believe you will want to return.

Peace and Blessings!



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